Kasta: A Flat-Pack Trebuchet

Table of Contents

Last activity: April 2010

Status: complete

Phase 1

The initial materials. Four 1" square beams, one 2"x3" beam, and a variety of fixings and fastenings.
2"x3" blocks make the bearing for the axle. They're hinged onto the A-frame beams.
This allows the A-frames to be unfolded for convenient storage.
The first A-frame.
The swing arm, drilled for its bearing.
The arm is reinforced, and the bearing is inserted.
The base bars need cutouts to hold the A-frame.
This proves mildly challenging...
...but nothing that a chisel can't solve.
It fits!
...and is drilled for its retaining bolt.
Base bars completed, test assembly.
With spacer bars (to hold the sides at the right distance apart). Wedges for A-frame top are visible below.
Wedges in place and reassembled.

Phase 2

Drilling out the counterweight link.
Ready for a test fire.
Houston, we have payload separation.
More counterweight!
Safety and trigger mechanism.
A better counterweight fixing mechanism
And a bigger counterweight.
Throwing the 1lb test load.
"We built a trebuchet!"

URL: http://menwithbeards.org.uk/builds/kasta/index.html